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Funmi Ge products

The Funmi Ge pruducts are now available for all ages.

Our professional designer is always focusing on high quality designs to meet all needs. We are not afraid to tell the truth and sale the goods.

To purchase a product, please send us an email simply by clicking HERE.


Funmi Ge

​Height:  5'4
Hair Color   Brown
Eye Color  brown
Measurements -size 10 uk
Dress size  small/medium
Shoe size  4 uk

Funmi Ge Style

   1. -Do it better (sky blue T-shirt)

   2. -The way of life  (green T-shirt)

   3. -No. 23 (light grey T-shirt)

   4. -FG Funmi Ge  (blue T-shirt)

   5. -FG Love  (Orange T-shirt)

   6. -Superior Dynamic (red T-shirt)

   7. -Funmi Ge No.1 (brown T-shirt)

   8. -Dynamic  (red T-shirt)

   9. -FG 80's style (black T-shirt)

 10. -Zebra (white T-shirt)

 11. -Monkey (grey T-shirt)



Urban Style

12. -The way of life (cream T-shirt)

13. -Fishermen (blue T Shirt)

14. -Fishermen (cream T-shirt)

15. -Funmi Ge college (orange T-shirt)

16. -Funmi Ge says (green T-shirt)

17. -Funmi Ge says (purple T-shirt)

18. -Curious (green T-shirt)

19. -Pow (brown T-shirt)

20. -Pow (white T-shirt)


Spiritual touch

21. -Bulb (green T-shirt)

22. -Jesus (grey T Shirt)

23. -Loved (white T-shirt)

24. -Loved (green T-shirt)

25. -Forgive,Forget (blue T-shirt)

26. -Forgive,Forget (rose T-shirt)

27. -Cross (burgundy T-shirt)

28. -Lion,ELOHIM (green T-shirt)

29. -Modern Slavery (white T-shirt)

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